Here it is. The long awaited (by me anyway) revamp of my official unofficial MegaForce web site The first question your going to ask yourself is "Why in the world would anyone spend any time whatsoever compiling and maintaining a web site for the 1982 cult classic MegaForce?"

The answer is, in its simplest form, a fond way of remembering a great childhood movie at a time without work, obligations and way more free time to just have fun. And, because I can.

I saw MegaForce, opening day, June 25, 1982, while visiting my cousins in Ottawa. It was, in fact, my birthday. I turned 10. All I really remember was explosions, lasers, cool vehicles and a great intro song. That was it. I managed to find the MegaDestroyer Hot Wheels toy, I put a square piece of styrofoam across the front of my bicycle (remember the long handlebars and banana-seats) with home-made missles made from paper-towel roles attached to the sides. I even went as far as going as Ace Hunter for halloween that year, blue bandana and all. I drew the logo on everything and when it finally came out on video years later I rented it whenever I could.

Years later, watched it in college and laughed our butts off at the cheesy parachute love scene and the flying motorcycle bit at the end, but one can only remember that I was 10 when I first witnessed this movie and despite the poor showing at the box-office, the bad acting and tight jumpsuits, this was (no matter how many people try and bad mouth it) a feel good, good triumphs over evil and kicks their butt kinda movie and as one person put it, "this movie was politically correct when politically correct wasn't even in yet". They had members from all nations of the world working together for a common cause, "to preserve freedom and justice, battling the forces of tyranny and evil, in every corner of the globe".

I was finally able to sit down with my son and watch MegaForce and to have him say "daddy can you pause this" because he didn't want to miss any was great!

Enjoy the site!

"The good guys always win, even in the eighties!"
Ace Hunter