Alright, Here's where the fun really begins! The stuff you've been waiting for. The sounds, the images, the toys, the anything about MegaForce section.

As you can see from the navigation, there is and will be whatever I can find on this ol' internet (thanks EBAY!). Some of the stuff I own, the rest I pilfer from in and around the web. It chronicles the "what was" and the "what could have been" if MegaForce had been more of a box office hit.

And, if you're wondering, I've already been in contact with Fox and there is, at this time, no scheduled DVD release of this movie (however, check EBAY because there is a guy selling a VHS to DVD version).

The more interesting "find" is in the Miscellaneous section. I managed to track down the current owners of the TAC-COM, a MegaDestroyer Buggy and Bike #12 (one of the 12 fully-functional models purchased from an auction in Las Vegas in 1998). They're based in New Jersey and you can visit their site

Another interesting factoid was is that the Motorcycle Mattel diecast vehicle was never produced due to the movies poor box-office showing. The toyline was scrubbed and the vehicles are collectors items now.

So enjoy and stay-tuned for more stuff as I get it posted.