Found recently on Ebay, selling for $10,000.

Bill Frederick, builder of the LSR Budweiser Rocket and numerous other jets and rocket-powered vehicles, was contracted to build this "Megadestroyer" using assembly-line construction techniques. 

Frederick's Inc. originally built 10 Megadestroyer Buggies.  Only 2 of these buggies survived the film shooting - and this one is now for sale on eBay!!

Bill Harkey's San Fernando Buggy Center in San Fernando designed many parts of this dune buggy.  The basic chassis is similar to their Class 1 buggy frame - 94 inch wheel base, 4130 chrome moly tube frame, SFBC also supplied the link-pin front ends, IRS rear suspension, seats, brakes, etc. - all the mounting tabs were attached at Frederick's.  The body plug was pulled at the shop, then the actual chopper gun lay-up was subcontracted.

For power, Bill Frederick went to Bernie Bergmann Inc. At that time they were located in San Marcos, but they are now in Oklahoma. Frederick bought 18 2074cc dual Solex engines and 2 2180's with dual 44 IDF's Carbs.  The larger displacement motors were used in the jumping scenes. This unit has the 2180 with duel carbs!

Transaxle Engineering in the San Fernando Valley supplied the transaxles.  The tires are 12-15LT Gumbo wide mudders in the rear and 6.70 15x5 fronts.

The steering is stock VW, as are the brakes.  Bill Neal supplied the pedal clusters and Simpson Safety Equipment supplied the harnesses. 

Each car took about three weeks to build at a 1982 cost of $35,000.00!!  The major expense was the electronics involved in operating the car's machine guns, cannon, laser, gatling gun and radar pickups.

The rocket launchers on top of the car go up and down and the rockets actually work!  Each rocket is powered by three Estes solid-fuel engines that produce a total of 90 lb. of thrust.  The guns use spark plugs to ignite a mixture of nitrous oxide, propane and soda.  Each gun produces it's own noise and flame.  The laser moves, but the actual beam was dubbed in for the MEGAFORCE movie.